Introducing Facial Care

Breathe deeply and relax. Our all-natural Bubbling Body Wash is a unique blend of aromatherapy and CBD from Oregon hemp. Extra antioxidants, a powerful blend of sustainable essential oils, and natural and organic ingredients soothe and protect skin from the harshness of daily life. Ideal for those with sensitive skin, the Bubbling Body Wash makes for a relaxing soak, too. Coming in October.

We've come a long way together

We grew up with the cannabis industry. Over the years, we've produced an exciting array of products designed to make life better. Learn more about us and our unique history by clicking on the photo above.

We Soothe Meryl Streep
We're big fans of Meryl Streep, so we were thrilled when she told Jimmy Kimmel she uses Soothe to make those red-carpet walks comfortable.
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