Soothe Solutions Body Wash.

At last! A solution for shower sensitivity.

Shower sensitivity is a "dirty little secret" that hudreds of thousands of people live with, but nobody wants to talk about. There's no cure and until now, no real relief. That's about to change, thanks to Soothe Solutions. Powerful fibro-friendly Essential Oils infused with CBD from Oregon hemp are our secret weapons. (See lab tests here.) 

Extensively field tested by real people with shower sensitivity, Soothe Solutions Body Wash helps reduce and even eliminate symptoms. However, it is not a pain reliever. For that, we have the all-natural Soothe Solutions Comfort Oil with arnica oil. The oil helps ease roving pain, sometimes called "phantom pain", as well as minor sports injuries or strains. Our light and creamy Soothe Solutions Hemp Lotion is rich with antioxidants to deeply moisturize skin after showers. Extra antioxidants help keep skin soothed and comfortable.

Nobody talks about shower sensitivity, but it's real.

When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I had never heard of shower sensitivity. That changed. At its worst, my post-shower recovery time was a full 40 minutes of chills, nausea and exhaustion.

Then by accident, I stumbled upon a blend of Essential Oils that, when infused with full-spectrum CBD extract from Oregon hemp, made all the difference. I went from 40 minutes to 20 minutes to today, and my showers are pain-free with no post-shower recovery. For me, it's been life changing. I hope it will help you, too.

-Nisa Donnelly, formulator

Soothe Solutions solve shower sensitivity for sensitive skin.

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