About Us

Welcome to the CBD Revolution

We know why you're here: You hurt. You've come to the right place. We understand pain because we live with it daily.

We're Ellyn Ford and Jean Wilson, founders of Eye for the Find, an art-glass studio in Portland, Oregon. Over a dozen years, we've made tens of thousands of intricate works of usable glass art (nail files and jewelry) from tiny hand-cut pieces of glass, which are sold worldwide. The work left our hands stiff, tingling, cramping and painful. Typical over-the-counter remedies did little to help the pain.

That's when we discovered cannabis topicals. They worked! They were also green, greasy and smelled like a marijuana garden in full bloom. There had to be something better--products that looked and smelled like regular lotions and salves, that hit pain hard as only cannabis topicals can. That's when fate stepped up.

Discovering CBD Topicals

A longtime friend was already working on the next generation of cannabis topicals, when she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Suddenly, an interesting side project took on a sense of urgency. We all desperately needed something that was not yet available. We joined forces and prepared to bring an entirely new kind of topicals to a hurting world.

Oregon Hemp Meets Essential Oils

After years of study, experiments and field trials, we hit the sweet spot: the optimum blend of essential oils infused with CBD (full-spectrum C02 extract) from Oregon hemp. The result: smooth, creamy, non-greasy, fast-absorbing lotions, salves and gels, that have a fresh natural scent (no cannabis stench), are gluten-free and vegan friendly (absolutely no animal products or testing--ever!) When field tests showed that the products are equally effective in treating skin conditions, like eczema, we knew we had a real winner! Now we want to invite you to join us as we revolutionize CBD topicals.

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