FAQs about glass nail files

What’s the difference between glass nail files and crystal nail files?

The term “glass nail file” is more accurate, but some merchandisers think the term “crystal” implies quality. In truth, “crystal” files are not made of crystal; they are tempered glass with an acid-etched filing finish that is part of the glass. Eye for the Find art-glass nail files are made of the highest quality glass from the Czech Republic. Our attention to quality ensures years of use. Low-cost glass nail files (often called “crystal” files) are not acid-etched, so the finish will disappear quickly. Also, the glass is not tempered so you run the risk of being cut if the file breaks. Eye for the Find art-glass nail files really will last a lifetime with reasonable care. The finish will not wear off

What’s the advantage to using glass nail files over, say, emery boards or metal nail files?

Glass nail files leave a smoother finish. They can help keep nails longer and stronger, according to nail technicians. Eye for the Find art-glass nail files are used extensively in nail salons and at fine spas throughout the world. Emery boards and metal nail files leave microscopic burrs and fissures in the nail, causing potential weakness and tearing. The smooth finish of the glass nail file does not rip or tear at the nail. Glass files make it easier to keep nails long and less susceptible to tears and breakage. Eye for the Find glass nail files won’t make your nails grow faster or longer, but regular use has helped us and many of our customers keep our natural nails stronger as they grow.

Prices for glass nail files are all over the place. Why?

Cheap knockoffs from China and Mexico are flooding the market. These low-cost files are not acid-etched. Instead a finish is sprayed onto glass. This finish will wear away quickly. Eye for the Find glass nail files are the original handcrafted art-glass nail files. Our files feature our stunning works of multi-level fused dichroic glass art. There are copycats out there—some even dare say “beware of imitators.” Eye for the Find developed the technique of embellishing glass nail files with original unique works of art glass. Today, hundreds of thousands of our files are being used by women throughout the world. Eye for the Find glass artists are among the best in the business. Not only is your file a practical purchase, it tells the world you appreciate fine glass artistry. Eye for the Find files are made of the highest quality acid-etched tempered glass from the Czech Republic. Not only are our files the most beautiful, the finish really will last a lifetime!

Don't glass nail files break easily?

No. Eye for the Find glass nail files are remarkably sturdy. Each comes in a velvety case to protect the file from damage. The cased files generally do not break when dropped. Like any piece of fine glass, they will likely be damaged if they are not in the velvet case and are dropped onto a concrete or a tile floor. Remember, that these files do not bend! More women break their files from cramming them into an overstuffed handbag or pack, than for any other reason. The mini file is the ideal size for bags and pockets. If you choose to carry the medium size, it is best protected in a side pocket. Do not let the files roam free in your bag. Occasionally a glass nail file will break--but it will never shatter! While we can't guarantee against breakage, with reasonable care, your glass nail file will last a lifetime. By reasonable care, we mean taking care of it much the way you would your eyeglasses. 

What makes Eye for the Find glass nail files special?

Eye for the Find created the handcrafted art-glass nail file. There simply is no finer or more beautiful glass nail file available. The unique art-glass cabochon embellishment makes each file special. Each multi-layered dichroic glass cabochon is created by talented women glass artists in our Portland, Oregon studio. Each embellishment is a tiny work of original glass art. No two embellishments are alike. The files are as beautiful as they are practical. They make a stunning gift for yourself or for others. While we didn’t “invent” the glass nail file—they actually were developed as a result of metal shortages resulting from World War II in Eastern Europe—we were the first company to add original art glass embellishments. Our designs are copyrighted and no other company can match our years of experience in creating original works of handcrafted art glass for the files.

How are Eye for the Find glass nail files made?

The files themselves are produced in a small, family-owned company in the Czech Republic. That company specializes in crafting high-quality files that come in a variety of stunning colors. Women glass artists create stunning works of original art from dichroic glass, so each file is unique. Once the files arrive at our studio an artist permanently affixes a cabochon to the file. Then the file is inspected in our studio before being shipped. The files are available at many of the country’s finest boutiques, spas and museum stores, online through our website, and at select arts-and-crafts fairs.

Are the glass nail files suitable for artificial nails?

Yes. Eye for the Find glass nail files work equally well on natural or artificial nails. Because the glass nail files do not leave burrs or snags the way emery boards or metal files do, natural nails can be strengthened with regular use. For artificial nails, we recommend dipping the file in water and keeping it damp while using.

Why are glass nail files better for diabetic foot care than metal implements?

Diabetic foot care is essential. Eye for the Find is a leader in providing large glass files that are ideal for foot care. Unlike metal implements that can tear the skin leaving the foot open to infection, the Eye for the Find foot file simply “sands away” problems. For pedicures use the foot file on either dry or damp feet. (We’ve found they work best right after a shower or bath, while the foot is still damp.) The upper part of the large foot file has a heavier "grit" than the lower part. The upper part is especially effective in removing calluses. The lower portion is for toenail filing. Simply "sand" over the callus and feel how smooth the file leaves your feet. For especially stubborn calluses, repeat the treatment over the course of several days. No need for razors or scissors. The callus will disappear without running the risk of cutting or tearing skin. For tough toenails, we recommend using the medium-size file to loosen skin under the toe nails before cutting or filing.

I’ve heard that glass nail files are used by professional guitarists. Is that true?

Yes. Many Eye for the Find repeat clients are professional guitarists. These musicians know how important smooth nails are for a successful performance. They’ve found the small size file tucks away in their guitar case, ready for any unforeseen nail problems.

How do I clean a glass nail file?

Eye for the Find glass nail files are remarkably easy to keep clean. For personal use, simply wash the file under a faucet. For professional use, the files can be sterilized with heat, liquid or UVB light. After a long period of use the file surface may begin to feel smooth. This is the result of nail debris caught between the grits. For deep cleaning, use an old toothbrush or a nail bush and a household cleanser, such as Ajax or Comet. We the file and scrub the surface clean. This treatment will restore the surface to its original condition. (Do not scrub the cabochon embellishment.)

What size should I choose?

Eye for the Find glass nail files come in three sizes. Each is embellished with a stunning dichroic glass cabochon created by a working glass artist. The 4-inch-long mini is ideal for the handbag. The nearly 6-inch-long medium is perfect for home or office use. It is also the most popular size among professional nail technicians. The 8-inch-long, heavyweight large file is ideal for diabetic foot care and for general pedicure needs. Each comes in a velvety case. Each file is decorated with a handmade art-glass cabechon dichroic glass bead made by glass artists in the Pacific Northwest and affixed to a high-quality glass nail file with a permanently etched finish. All artwork and assembly is done by hand at the Eye for the Find Studio in Portland, Oregon.

Can I really take the glass nail file on an airplane in my carry-ons?

Yes. When Eye for the Find travels to distant art shows our inventory travels with us in our carry-on bags--and we carry hundreds of nail files at a time! Many airport gift shops in the gate area (after the TSA screening stations) carry Eye for the Find art-glass nail files--a real boon for travelers whose metal nail files have been confiscated by security screeners.

Are they suitable for dog grooming, too?

Yes.Large size is for our big-dog friends. The medium is for smaller breeds and pups. Using a glass nail file regularly on a pup helps puppies overcome foot shyness. No loud noises to frighten puppies and no risk of cutting into the sensitive quick. For adult dogs, use the file as a finish grooming tool. The files are easy to sterilize and suitable for professional dog grooming or DIY backyard groomers. We do not recommend sharing files with your dog, however. So buy two--one for you and one for Fido, too.

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