• Expand Your Brand Instantly

    Fine CBD Topicals for Distributors

    and Large Retailers


    CBD Revolution produces made-to-order CBD topicals in bulk for large customers seeking to grow their topicals line. Cosmetic packaging.



    Our Products, Your Way

    • Quality, fresh-made CBD topicals for face, body and active living.

    Ideal for large retailers.

    • We handle it all from formulation to shipping to your specifications.

    Made in Oregon

    • Made with locally sourced, sustainable ingredients. Vegan-friendly. Natural and organic.
  • Efficient Production

    Lotion production in lab setting.


    Designed for larger companies. Fine, fresh-made, CBD Revolution topicals are packaged to your specifications. Our proprietary blends of sustainable essential oils are infused with full-spectrum CBD extract from Oregon hemp.

    CBD Revolution topicals are created from original, proprietary blends of ingredients, infused with full-spectrum CBD from Oregon hemp.

    We were one of the first companies to enter the CBD topicals market and we specialize in taking products to the next level.

    Our team members have been producing topicals with pride for more than a dozen years. We are experienced in R&D and product development and testing.

    Our team members bring a strong collective knowledge of marketing, merchandising and retail industry know-how to bringing fine CBD-infused topicals to market. We are pioneers in developing second-generation CBD products, which will dominate the market in 2020-2022.

    We are constantly developing and field testing CBD topicals that are exciting and unique, with several new products scheduled for release in 2020.

    To learn more, contact Austin McDonough, sales director, at 503-285-2997.


  • High-Volume Capacity

    Woman shopper selecting lotions in store.


    We manufacture for national distributors who have relationships with national retailers, high-volume retail chains, and CBD suppliers who are establishing their own brands. We work closely with you throughout the process--from planning to production--to ensure we stay on schedule to meet your deadlines.

    Our current capacity is 5,000 units per product, per order. By mid 2020, we anticipate our production capacity to increase tenfold to 50,000 units per product per order.

    We handle it all from formulation to production to delivery. CBD Revolution topicals have UPC Codes and QR Codes, compliant in all 50 states. We use your specific case sizes and requirements, making shipping a breeze.

    Chemist checking lotions in lab.
  • CBD Revolution Topicals

    Lotion bottles on conveyor belt.


    CBD Revolution topicals are recognized as among the finest products of their kind. Created using a proprietary blend of sustainable essential oils that are infused with full-spectrum CBD from Oregon hemp, these topicals are distinctive.

    Our lotions are white and creamy. Our gels are refreshing. Our balms are silky. There is no canna-stench, and all products are fast-absorbing, non-greasy, and naturally scented with essential oils that are selected to support the terpene profiles of the CBD.

    Whether you are seeking products for facial care, bath and body, or relief from active living, CBD Revolution topicals are an ideal choice. Vegan-friendly, the products are made with many locally sourced natural and organic ingredients, and sustainable essential oils.

    Made entirely in Oregon featuring full-spectrum CBD from Oregon hemp. Products are vegan-friendly, made with sustainable, natural and organic ingredients, and are field tested by human volunteers (no animal testing).

    CBD Revolution topicals are tested by independent state-licensed labs to ensure purity in each bottle. Products contain less than 0.3% THC.

    To learn more, contact Austin McDonough, sales director, at 503-285-2997.

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