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What Is CBD?

Of course you've heard about CBD--that's why you're here. But you've still got questions.

We can't answer every question about CBD, but we can help you understand why it's an important ingredient in Soothe CBD topicals. 

CBD: A history of healing

CBD (cannabidiol) is a cannabis plant compound that has significant medical benefits, without the "high".  For thousands of years, healers used cannabis to create powerful, all-natural remedies for dozens of ailments including inflammation, MS, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and more. Read more.

Cannabis, Marijuana, Hemp?

The terms can be confusing.

"Marijuana" was a term coined by the government in the 1930s to villify the cannabis sativa plant because of politics, not medical concerns. Back then, cannabis was still listed in the American Pharmacopea. Doctors' pleas to keep cannabis legal fell on deaf ears. Those who defied the government were severely punished. 

Quickly, cannabis disappeared from medical texts and teaching. 

California Okays Medical Cannabis

Then during the AIDS epidemic in San Francisco, seriously ill people began finding relief from cannabis. An underground movement of AIDS patients and cannabis-friendly physicians quickly began as people recognized the potential of helping not only AIDS patients, but also those suffering from cancer and other chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia.

By the mid 1990s, the medical cannabis/marijuana movement was born, and as news spread, so did legalization.

CBD Research

Few medical studies on cannabis sativa are conducted in the United States because of political opposition, but other countries have been far more open to research on the plant.

Initially, research focused on THC, the compound that causes the marijuana "high" as well as many beneficial medical remedies. Then in 1998 a UK researcher became convinced that he could create a cannabis plant high in CBD, without the euphoric effects caused by THC. The CBD movement was born. (Project CBD traces the fascinating story.)

CBD and THC 

CBD does not make people feel “stoned” (nor is its use generally detectible on standard marijuana tests that look for THC in the system).

It is highly improbable that any cannabis topical--even those containing THC--would cause a user to test positive on a drug test. But if you're concerned, CBD topicals are safe because the chances of any topical preparation reaching the bloodstream is miniscule. The molecules in the topicals ingredients are simply too large to penetrate the blood stream by way of the epidermis. That does not mean they do not alleviate pain--humans have been finding relief from topical preparations for millennia--it simply means that you can use the products whenever you like without fear of "overdosing."

Soothe CBD topicals are a safe, discreet, legal addition to your pain relief regimen.

Best CBD Treatment Planning

Patients with chronic conditions, such as fibromyalgia, are increasingly turning to CBD as an effective remedy. Even those who do not live in medical marijuana states have access to CBD products. Some patients only ingest CBD oil. Many are discovering the benefits of also using CBD topicals, like Soothe CBD LotionSoothe CBD Ice Gel, and Soothe CBD Solid Salve

Adding Soothe CBD topicals to their pain fighting arsenals has made a big difference to our clients.

Developing a treatment plan is an important first step. Project CBD is the best online resource for accurate, unbiased information. When you have questions, turn to Project CBD for answers

Oregon Hemp CBD Oil

Soothe CBD topicals use only Oregon hemp CBD oil. Our Oregon hemp farmer uses established organic practices to produce sun-grown, pesticide-safe, high-quality Oregon hemp. The plants are made into whole plant CBD oil used in all Soothe topicals, and tested repeatedly from their fields to our final products.  

In Oregon, CBD plants fall under the category of hemp and are regulated by the state's Department of Agriculture which tests our crops right in the field to assure quality and compliance with state laws. After harvest and processing, the CBD oil is tested again by an independent state-licensed lab to ensure quality, and to ensure that the resulting topicals fall within the guidelines of having less than 0.3% THC.

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