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About CBDs

So, what are CBDs and why do they matter?

CBDs (cannabidiol) is one of the compounds found in the cannabis sativa plant. For thousands of years, healers have turned to this plant to create powerful, all-natural remedies for dozens of ailments. That hasn’t changed, despite political pressures that emerged in the mid-20th century.

Today in the new millennium, healers the world over are once again turning to this plant’s compounds (natural and synthetic) to treat many chronic conditions, thanks to new research that shows how effective these compounds are.

Are CBDs marijuana?

“Marijuana” is a term used to describe the strains of the cannabis plants that have THC, the compound that causes the “marijuana high.” An average “marijuana” strain will be 17% THC and <1% CBD. These plants are bred to enhance the euphoric effect.

Cannabidiol or CBD does not make people feel “stoned” (nor is its use detectible on standard marijuana tests which are designed to detect THC in the system). An average CBD strain will have 15% CBD and <.3% THC. There is simply not enough THC to induce the “marijuana high.” In Oregon, the CBD plants fall under the category of hemp and are regulated by the Department of Agriculture.

Not all hemp is created equal.

Our products use the finest Oregon-grown CBD-rich cannabis available. Our farm family uses established organic farming practices for sun-grown, pesticide-free, high-quality hemp. The Department of Agriculture tests our crops right in the field to assure quality and compliance with state laws. After the harvest, the plants are made into oil and is again tested by an independent laboratory to assure its potency, safety and purity.

Unfortunately, there are products that promise high CBDs but do not deliver. These products are often made from industrial-grade hemp cultivated in countries where there are few if any standards. When we’ve had those products tested, however, we were astonished at how little CBDs they contained—and some were even high in THC!

That’s why we locally source our CBD oil and have it independently tested: To ensure that we’re using only the highest quality ingredients to produce the highest quality products.

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