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My 92-year old mother has been using the Soothe lotion every day for pain relief from severe arthritis. She cannot use NASAIDS due to a heart condition, so the lotion is a miracle worker for her. I use it too for my arthritic hands and varicose veins. Besides working well, the fragrance is lovely. I can highly recommend Soothe products!

MDC, Portland, Oregon


The chronic pain in both knees from years of a very physical lifestyle is alleviated by daily application of your Soothe lotion! I rarely have to take over-the-counter pain meds any more! Simply put, it works!

Michael P., Portland, Oregon


I’ve been using the CBD Soothe lotion for several months for pain relief on both of my wrists, which are swollen from arthritis all the time. The lotion is effective enough so I can sleep at night and not wake up with throbbing pain. I think it has been a great product and I have to recommended it to friends who have similar pain issues.

Ken H., Portland, Oregon


In the mid-1970s, I contracted Lyme Disease while hiking and backpacking in the North Central Cascades. At the time, Lyme Disease was unknown. I experienced a range of symptoms that took me from one medical specialist to another. The result was many prescriptions, which ultimately held no promise of relief and added to my list of complaints. After decades of primarily dealing with arthritis in my feet and rather severe occasional flare-ups, I found the greatest relief from CBD Revolution’s Soothe Salve. I am now able to take my routine 3-mile morning walk without discomfort or any sign of a limp. I have also been able to resume my afternoon weight training regimen, all of which promotes a healthy cycle of activity.

Gary W., Portland, Oregon


I am a 64 y/o woman. A few months ago I began an exercise program. After a few days of walking the top of my left foot developed significant burning pain. After a few days of suffering, I tried the Soothe lotion. The very next morning the pain was gone. A few weeks later I took a nasty fall and broke my wrist. After the visit to the ER, I realized that during the fall I wrenched my shoulder and neck area. I had excruciating pain and could barely move my shoulder and neck. I put the lotion on both. The next morning the pain had subsided significantly. After another day of applying the lotion, the pain was gone. I was truly amazed! Got my husband to start walking. After several weeks he overdid it one day and wrenched his knee. He used the lotion and the pain subsided the following morning. I am an enthusiastic consumer of this product and recommend it not only for pain, but for dry skin and minor rashes. I love the lotion and will always have some on hand.

Rita P., Portland, Oregon

August 2017

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