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    New Research: CBD Treats Skin Diseases

    The anti-inflammatory properties of cannabinoids (CBD and THC) make them useful for treating psoriasis, eczema, atopic and contact dermatitis, and even some skin melanomas, new research shows.

    A study on itching showed such potential that one researcher observed it is "the most promising role for cannabinoids."

    Of the many ways to administer CBD, by far the least invasive method is through topicals. CBD creams and salves can be a very effective way to get beneficial cannabinoids into the cells that need them the most. (Read more.)

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    Topicals Don't Cause Failed Drug Tests

    It's a question that most everyone asks: Will using topicals cause me to fail a drug test?

    In a word: No. 

    The cannabinoids (THC or CBD) do not actually enter the bloodstream by rubbing topicals onto the skin.

    Instead they interact with the peripheral nervous system to provide relief.

    A study published in the journal Forensic Science International found that THC does not show up in blood or urine tests after consistent use of THC-based topical products.

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    CBD Topicals for Super Skin-Care

    Topical CBD for skin care is the next big thing. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are an effective treatment for skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, acne, and even anti-aging. (Read more.)

    Psoriasis and eczema respond especially well to CBD topicals. Whle research is scant, anecdotal evidence and case studies show that it is effective. Cannabinoids inhibit the build-up of dead skin cells and other symptoms of psoriasis.

    Because CBD inhibits sebum production, leading to less oily skin, and reduces inflammation it is especially effective in treating acne. 

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    CBD Transforms Massage Therapy

    CBD topicals are gaining fans among massage therapists and clients. CBD topicals work best when applied liberally and broadly to the skin's CB2 receptors.

    Massage therapists find that CBD topicals "seem to penetrate the trouble areas of the body and offer more relief than regular oils or lotions." Regular oils and lotions provide lubricant to the therapist, but don't have any "real medical benefit to the client," explains one massage therapist.

    The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving agents of CBD reduces inflammation within muscles and joints, allowing the massage therapist to work more effectively. (Read more.)

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    What are Cannabinoids and Hemp Oil?

    Cannabinoids are naturally occurring compounds in the Cannabis sativa (hemp) plant. Scientists have identified more than 60, each with its own individual properties. Learn how they work and how they benefit your health by watching the video (above).  (Read more.)

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    Essential Oils + CBD = Powerful Healing

    While CBD is important, it's only one of the many ingredients that make CBD Revolution topicals effective. Essential oils are also heavy hitters when it comes to tackling pain.

    We match essential oils to the terpene profile of the CBD used in our products. Essential oils are chosen for efficacy and their reputations for relieving pain and healing skin conditions. (Read more.)

    Essential oils have been reported to be more readily absorbed from skin locations with greater concentrations of sweat glands and hair follicles--exactly where the most CB2 receptors are located. (Read more.) 

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