Soothe Topicals

Soothe CBD-Infused Topicals for Active Living 

Our clients agree: Soothe CBD-Infused Topicals for Active Living are the perfect blend of pure potent ingredients from nature to keep you active, comfortably.

Our original formulas provide truly amazing results on the golf course, on the water, or anytime, anywhere.

Our proprietary blends of sustainable essential oils supplement the full-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) CO2 extract from Oregon hemp.

  1. CBD Nail File Kit
    CBD Revolution Nail File Kit
    New! CBD-infused cuticle/nail oil and a medium glass nail file in a go-anywhere
    nail file kit.
  2. Soothe Lotion | Active Living
    Soothe Lotion
    As low as $54.95
    3.3 oz. $54.95
  3. Soothe Salve | Active Living
    Soothe Salve
    As low as $24.95
    .5 oz. $24.95 | 2.65 oz. $64.95
  4. Soothe Ice Gel | Active Living
    Soothe Ice Gel
    As low as $24.95
    1 oz. $24.95 | 3.3 oz. $59.95
  5. Soothe Travel Set
    Soothe 3-piece travel trio.
    Just $24.95 with coupon code TRYME
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