Soothe Pain Relief

Soothe: CBD Pain Relief

Our clients agree: Soothe products are the best CBD pain relievers.

Soothe CBD products for pain provide relief at home or on the go. Looking for a natural pain relief cream, a muscle and joint pain relief rub, or CBD for chronic back pain? Our proprietary CBD essential oil blend takes on even fiery chronic pain.

Produced in small batches at our Oregon facility, Soothe CBD topicals are tested by independent state-licensed labs to ensure purity in each bottle.

  1. Soothe Lotion
    Soothe CBD Lotion
    Soothe CBD Lotion
  2. Soothe Salve
    Soothe Solid Salve
    Soothe CBD Solid Salve
  3. Soothe Ice Gel
    Soothe Ice Gel Products
    Soothe CBD Ice Gel
  4. Soothe 3-piece Travel Set
    Soothe Travel Size 3-Pack
    CBD Pain Relief Trio
    Out of stock
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