Soothe Solid Salve

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Soothe Solid Salve 

Soothe Solid Salve is a no-fuss, non-greasy, no-mess infused salve that goes with you.

Highly effective, the salve's secret is our proprietary blend of essential oils infused by full-spectrum CO2 extract from Oregon hemp. The original formula uses all natural and organic ingredients, including Oregon Arnica montana oil.

Soothe lives up to its name, getting rave reviews. Fresh, natural scent from essential oils that have been selected to support the terpenes in the hemp extract. No nasty cannabis stench or greasy residue. Ideal for before or after workouts, before bed, or whenever is right for you. 

The convenient twist-up container travels to the gym, in golf bags, in backpacks or handbags for a quick, discreet application. Stays solid even on hot summer days.

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Soothe Solid Salve Ingredients

Shea Butter, Grape Seed Oil, Holly Oil, Candelilla Wax, CBD oil from Oregon hemp, Arnica Oil, and a Proprietary Blend of Essential Oils (for efficacy, not scent) that includes Eucalyptus Oil, Roman Chamomile Oil, Peppermint Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil, Black Pepper Oil, German Chamomile Oil, Ginger Root Oil, Helichrysum Oil, and Peppermint Oil.

  • 2.65 oz contains min. 265+mg full-spectrum CO2 extract from Oregon hemp
  • .5 oz contains min. 50+mg full-spectrum CO2 extract from Oregon hemp

This product is tested by independent state-licensed labs to ensure it complies with Oregon regulations and standards for hemp products. The FDA does not evaluate products classified as cosmetics, including salves, lotions and gels. 



Soothe Solid Salve Benefits

  • Made from our original formula
  • Proprietary blend of essential oils supports the CO2 cannabidiol extract from Oregon hemp
  • Fresh, herbal scent (no cannabis-stench)
  • Contains Arnica montana oil from Oregon
  • No-mess, twist-tube; stays solid even on hot days
  • Absorbs smoothly; leaves no greasy residue
  • Vegan-friendly: No animal testing or products
  • Natural, organic ingredients, paraben-free, soy-free and gluten free

Using Soothe Solid Salve

Apply liberally and frequently as desired. 
For topical use only.


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