Soothe Solutions

Soothe Solutions for Sensitive Skin

Solutions for

  • Shower sensitivity

  • Spot pain/phantom pain/phantom itching

  • Sensitive, dry skin needs extra moisture

Soothe Solutions for Sensitive Skin are formulated to solve problems related to shower sensitivity, skin irritation and dryness, and spot pain.

  1. Soothe Solutions
    Comfort Oil
    Soothe Solutions Comfort Oil for Sensitive Skin is formulated to relieve spot pain. Aromatherapy quiets the mind as well as the skin.
    3 oz. $19.95
    Out of stock
  2. Soothe Solutions
    Hemp Lotion
    Soothe Solutions Healing Hemp Lotion traps moisture and is extra rich in antioxidants.
    3.3 oz. $19.95
  3. Shower Sensitive
    Body Wash
    Soothe Solutions Body Wash for Sensitive Skin solves the problem of shower sensitivity.
    3.3 oz. $19.95
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